Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I've decided to take an inventory of the project and figure out exactly what needs to be done and in what order. At the moment, here's what I think needs attention:

  • Re-assemble the carbs
  • Re-install the carbs
  • Replace the airbox with clamp-on filters
  • Cut-up and re-install the exhaust

Once these are done I should be able to try and fire up the engine and see what happens, assuming that it starts, and nothing terrible goes wrong, I can move on to the next batch of items:

  • Kreem the gas tank
  • Replace the tyres
  • Get a new title

This should be enough to get it on the road. Now, assuming I get this far before the fall run, I could spend some time making the bike more interesting. But for now, I'm going to try and get through this list.


chris said...

title should be first on the list. if you cant get a title all the time and money you spend before that could be for a bike that you can never legally ride on the street, or sell. having a dirt bike is one thing, a rare collector bike maybe, but if you want a rideable streetbike that piece of paper is paramount. in wisconsin at least. there used to be title companies in other states that would send you a title after a specified process, but there has been legislation in recent years to curtail this practice. just makes it harder to get old bikes back on the road.
however, if by "get a new title" you mean to take an OLD title to the DMV and get a new one with YOUR name on it, then feel free to disregard this post.
again, if you want any advice, help, or even some ideas for direction, give me a call.

Jason J. Gullickson said...

Good point Chris.

A few years back I got my old Yamaha XS650 back from my brother who had lost the title. I was able to go down to the DMV, fill out a form, provide an explanation ("he lost it") and was issued a new/replacement title. I guess I just assumed that I'd go through the same process with this bike, but from your comments it sounds like things may have changed a bit since the last time I had to do this.

This bike (the CL350) was given to my by a friend who's father owned it and was getting it out of the garage as a part of a mother's day gift for his wife (cleaning the garage was the gift). He said he might have the title but I haven't seen it yet, and since I thought it would be easy to get a replacement I haven't really been bugging the guy much about it.

I'll be sending him an email today; thanks for the heads-up Chris.

chris said...

glad to hear that. if you know the last registered owner and can get him to get a duplicate title, that makes the whole thing a lot easier. i was thinking along the lines that the bike may have an unknown history and the title was lost some time ago. i've seen people go through a ton of hassle trying to get titles for bikes like that. i know there are other ways past the dilemma, including having the bike inspected and having a new VIN issued, but i tend to look for the simplest solution to a problem. i'd still consider the title a top priority.