Thursday, June 19, 2008

All-carb diet

I spent some quality time with the carbs in the basement tonight.

At first I was a bit worried to see that there were more parts in the "carb kits" that I bought than I could find a place for in my carburetors, however consulting my handy service manual indicated that my CL came with two different types of carb, and these extra pieces were for the "other" kind.

Other than that things went very smoothly and I had both carbs back together in about 90 minutes. I still need to adjust them (as much as you can before mounting them) but I was just happy to have all the pieces together that I called it a night.

I'm working on a longer post to outline everything I have planned for the bike at this point, I'll post it soon once I've updated the list.


(BTW, I took a few pictures but my damn VQ1000 threw an error and I wasn't able to pull them off the camera...I think I'm going back to film...)


Anonymous said...

progress is progress, even if it is a bit slow.
small steps and easily achievable goals are a good thing when you are feeling intimidated by the massivness of the big picture. lots of little goals made make a big dent in the to do list. speaking of which, have you made a list? i find it helpful in staying organized and focused, and being able to cross things off shows you what you've accomplished.
btw, i can give you some help on those carbs if you need it.
if you'd like to come over sometime and talk bikes or cars or projects in general, or maybe check out my fleet and get a perspective of the cruds from a newer member, give me a holler. i think i posted my number in one of my previous posts. if not, i'm in the book.
chris neff.

Jason J. Gullickson said...

Chris, it’s like you’re reading my mind.

I put together a “task list” post last week but got distracted working on the carbs and forgot to post it. I’ll do that shortly.

Matt (the director of the film) and I are planning on getting together at my place on July 13th to work on the bike and we were just discussing trying to get in touch with you and see if you’d be interested in stopping by for a casual interview to discuss the gang from your perspective (as well as get a few laughs watching me try to get the bike back together). If you read this drop me a line via our website at, otherwise if I don’t hear from you via email I’ll try giving you a call in a week or so.

BTW I think I saw you riding the other day, I live on York street and I could have sworn I saw you on the “cop” bike flying up the street.